Overcoming Stress With Color Therapy

Overcoming Stress With Color Therapy

Overcoming Stress With Color Therapy


Overcoming Stress With Color Therapy

Recently, coloring books are being liked by all ages as the most fun way to deal with stress-related conditions, such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, asthma, behavioral disorders, and so on. You can choose your favorite color to color certain patterns or images and create interesting images.

But did you know that color has long been used as a therapy to treat various health problems?

Effect of color on the human body and mind

  • Color is one of the languages ​​of the soul. Research shows that color encourages interactions that language does not have.
  • Color affects the perception of distance (bright colors make the place look big, high ceilings appear to decrease in height when given dark colors, etc.).
  • Not everyone and culture have the same understanding of color.
  • Color affects energy in the body. If you pass the airport body inspection system, the screen shows the color of your chakra. The color is also related to biological attraction.

So what is your favorite color? Questions like this are often asked by psychiatrists to understand and determine a person's character based on their favorite colors. Answers can vary depending on each individual and are related to health and well-being.

If you are experiencing some physical and emotional disorders, and need to balance the chakra system or the body's natural energy center, chromotherapy or color therapy can be one of the healing methods. Color affects the mood, because color has a certain wavelength and energy.

How does color therapy work?

Thousands of years ago, ancient cultures in Egypt, China and India, built large rooms where patients were bathed with light filtered through several colored glass panels or windows. It is believed to be able to restore a tired and sick body. Now, the method is still there to cure adults and children with reading difficulties.

Doctors believe that color helps adjust emotions, physically and mentally. Modern color therapists often combine this method with other techniques, such as aromatherapy, crystals, massage, yoga, and others.

Color classification that can relieve stress and illness

  1. Red . Red is a symbol of fire, anger, and love. Red stimulates the chakra roots, at the base of the spine. Red causes hemoglobin to increase, both for anemia sufferers and blood-related conditions. Don't deal with cancer in red because this color can stimulate cell growth.
  1. Orange . Orange stimulates the sacred chakra, a symbol of good luck. Orange stimulates creativity and enthusiasm. Orange affects the digestive system, increases thyroid activity, and relieves cramps and muscle spasms.
  1. Yellow . The yellow color strengthens the nerves and the mind. Yellow works on the condition of the stomach, liver, diabetes, and helps repair wound tissue.
  1. Green . Known as natural colors. The green color stimulates the heart chakra, and is also used to cure conditions such as fever, flu, ulcers, improve visualization, strengthen the immune system and form muscles, bones and cells.
  1. Blue . Associated with the throat chakra. It is a cool and soothing symbol. Blue can help overcome fever, headaches, high blood pressure, asthma, and relieve inflammation (anti itching, anti stress).
  1. Indigo . This color helps overcome mental disorders, and stimulates brow chakra that regulates physical and spiritual perception.
  1. Purple . The color of meditation, slows down the overactive heart, stimulates immunity, cures insomnia, and helps detoxify.

How can coloring books deal with stress?

The coloring book is a color therapy method that is related to art therapy. Many therapists feel a significant increase in patients through art therapy. Research shows that art therapy helps women with cancer reduce symptoms of emotional stress. In addition to gemstones, crystals and other color therapy mediums, coloring books are one of the favorite mediums for color therapy and art.

Coloring books can help you focus and help your mind relax and release negative thoughts through colors and shapes. In addition, research by the neuropsychologist Dr. Rodski's stand, who is also the author of coloring books, says that extraordinary things happen to heart rate and brain waves when coloring. This is a good sign that therapy can help get benefits such as meditation.


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