Nutrition Guide & amp; Sports After Breast Cancer Surgery

Nutrition Guide & amp; Sports After Breast Cancer Surgery

Nutrition Guide & amp; Sports After Breast Cancer Surgery


Nutrition Guide & amp; Sports After Breast Cancer Surgery

When we have a history, it is important for us to maintain a lifestyle and diet. Food intake is very important to keep the body healthy and strong. Even after undergoing breast cancer surgery, make sure to get healthy nutrition coupled with exercise, so that your health will return.

What are the nutrients needed after breast cancer surgery?

Here is the food intake you need after breast cancer surgery:

1. Protein

You need more protein than usual, after breast cancer surgery. Protein is needed to repair cells, fight infections, and cure surgical scars. The following are ways to fulfill your protein intake:

  • Add protein powder, or milk powder, to your food.
  • Do you like cheese? If so, you can add grated cheese to fruits, potatoes, rice, and salads.
  • You can choose foods that are high in protein such as almonds, peanuts and cheese.

Even though all the food tastes bad in your mouth, make sure you keep eating it, so that you get healing and strength again. Increase protein intake regardless of calories contained in it. When you are healthy and strong later, then you can focus on weight.

2. Soybean

Soybeans contain phytoestrogens, which are nutrients similar to estrogen in your body. Some researchers think that this nutrient is able to fight breast cancer; estrogen is needed in the development of cancer, but other researchers disagree with it. You should ask your doctor first, whether eating one to three servings of soybeans in food can help cure. When you eat it, it might interfere with hormone therapy, or other treatments. If you are indeed allowed to eat it, you can also find phytoestrogens in tofu, tempeh, soy milk, and miso soup.

3. Antioxidants

Who doesn't know antioxidants? Antioxidants can be found in vegetables, fruits, and nuts. The function of antioxidants themselves is to protect cells from damage. Try to get antioxidants from food rather than supplements. There are many foods that contain antioxidants such as broccoli, carrots, blueberries, and mangoes.

4. Lycopene

You can find it in red tomatoes, watermelons and pink in grapefruit. Lycopene is an antioxidant. Lycopene is also thought to be able to fight breast cancer.

5. Beta carotene

Besides being good for heart health and preventing cardiovascular disease, beta carotene can also reduce the risk of relapsing breast cancer. You can find it in carrots, apricots and sweet potatoes. Beta carotene is found in vegetables and fruits that have an orange /orange color.

Foods that should be avoided after breast cancer surgery

1. Fat

Some studies have found a link between fat intake and survivors of breast cancer, the results vary. Early research says that eating low-fat foods can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Although the impact is still unclear, high fat intake can make you excess calories. High calories are associated with obesity, this can trigger cancer to reappear.

2. Meat

As much as possible you avoid red meat and processed meat. Some researchers suspect that the process of serving meat at high temperatures can increase the risk of some cancers. However, no studies have looked at the effects of processed meat and meat cooked at high temperatures on recurrence of cancer.

Overcoming appetite problems after cancer treatment

After undergoing breast cancer surgery, you may begin to feel nausea and vomiting. These two symptoms are not only experienced after surgery, the effects of chemotherapy and radiation can also be nausea and vomiting. You may also lose appetite, gain weight, and feel weak. Believe me, you have to keep going strong, here are some ways to relieve symptoms:

  • If your appetite hasn't returned, try to keep eating snacks throughout the day rather than heavy foods.
  • For protein intake to be fulfilled, try yogurt. You can also try drinks that contain liquid protein rather than solid foods.
  • Eat soup that isn't too crowded in combination. You can try chicken soup with fruits and broth.

What exercises can be done after breast cancer surgery?

Aerobic exercise can increase your confidence, mood, and health. After the healing period, try to keep you active, but also not excessive. Why do you have to stay active? Because excessive body weight can risk breast cancer again relapse. Losing weight by exercising can help you restore health and keep the risk of getting cancer.

If you still feel tired after treatment, walking around your house, or your home complex can be his choice. Experts say that any form of exercise is good, provided it is done regularly. However, about one to several weeks after surgery, you need to focus on maintaining the surgery scars, and other affected areas. Do not lift or carry heavy objects, avoid also carrying children.

It's best to talk to your doctor before starting exercise. If he thinks it doesn't matter, you can start slowly. A therapist to help you exercise can also be an alternative, because therapists can guide you in improving your movement skills, flexibility, and strength.

If you have surgery to remove lymph nodes under your hands, you are at high risk of swelling in your hands. The fluid in your arms cannot flow properly, so this surgery can be done at any time after radiation treatment, or breast cancer surgery. If you experience this, make sure you avoid tennis, running, and some yoga poses that require hand strength.


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