Maintaining a Dog or Cat Has Different Health Benefits

Maintaining a Dog or Cat Has Different Health Benefits

Maintaining a Dog or Cat Has Different Health Benefits


Maintaining a Dog or Cat Has Different Health Benefits

Caring for a cat or dog is certainly fun. Besides always having loyal friends, these furry animals can make the days in the house more colorful. In fact, it also makes you more active at home not just lazing around.

How not? In the morning, you may not only prepare breakfast for yourself, but also for your cat or pet dog. Not to mention you have to clean up the dirt or mess they made inside the house.

Sometimes it sucks, but they also make you more relaxed and more fun while at home, rather than just watching TV or playing computer alone. Maintaining a dog or cat has many benefits for you, especially for your mental or mental health, as described below.

  1. More confident

In a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, quoted by, people who maintain animals will feel more confident and not feel lonely. You will also have a bolder personality and will be more extroverted than people who don't keep animals, either cats or dogs.

  1. Avoid depression

When you keep animals, cats or dogs, their adorable faces and faces will slowly relax you. And, if you are stressed or depressed, they can make you forget about stress and depression. In fact, in a study conducted by several experts from the University of California, Los Angeles, someone who kept a dog or cat would be better protected from the risk of depression due to AIDS. Depression is 3 times more likely to be reported by AIDS sufferers who don't keep pets, than those who keep pets.

  1. Make mood be happy

When the mood is in a mess, then we see a favorite dog or cat acting adorable, slowly our mood will get better. By stroking it, the mood and mood will return happy.

Different benefits of keeping dogs and cats

Even though both of them share the same benefits, namely to give happiness and improve the mood to stay cheerful, the effects that dogs and cats give can be different. In an article on, it was explained that there were two studies about the different benefits between dogs and cats.

  • Dogs

The author of the Chicken Soup for the Lover Soul book, Marty Becker, who is also a veterinarian, said the love and closeness to dogs has an impact on happiness and longevity of the owner. According to him by just caressing a pet dog, it can improve the mood.

"After 1-2 minutes of caressing a dog, the body is able to produce positive hormones for the body, namely dopamine and serotonin," explained Becker.

There are also studies that explain that having a pet dog can make blood pressure, cholesterol, and the risk of getting heart disease lower.

  • Cats

Just like dogs, cats also make us happy, but until now the research is still small. In a study, when feeling happy when caressing a cat, our stress level will decrease. The blood pressure of the cat owner will be lower.

Another thing with research from the University of Minnesota, which reveals that people who don't keep cats have a 40% risk of having a heart attack.

What if you like dogs or cats but are allergic?

You might like these four-legged animals, either cats or dogs. But it turns out you have allergies to them. Maybe when holding a dog or cat, your skin becomes itchy, your eyes suddenly turn red, or suddenly sneeze. However, if you really love and decide to keep this pet, you can do the following, as explained:

  • Don't allow dogs or cats to enter your room or play on the couch or other seats.
  • Use tiled or wood floors, don't use carpets.
  • Clean furniture with a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter and use a HEPA air purifier to kill fleas.
  • Ask someone, friends, spouse, or family who don't have allergies to clean pets regularly outside the home.
  • Bathe your pet once a week.
  • Talk about and consult with your doctor about handling and treating your allergies.


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