Lifestyle Changes After Diagnosing Liver Cancer

Lifestyle Changes After Diagnosing Liver Cancer

Lifestyle Changes After Diagnosing Liver Cancer


Naturally, if a liver cancer patient has experienced depression. Most people find it hard to accept the fact that cancer can recur. Based on research, around 50-70% of liver cancer patients experience recurrence within 5 years after surgery or experience a condition when the cancer has spread to other body parts. So, how to maintain health after recovering from cancer? We will share some tips about lifestyle changes that you can take to prevent cancer from coming back.

Face fatigue

Fatigue is generally experienced by cancer patients. Fatigue experienced by patients is not ordinary fatigue, but tired of the body and mind that cannot be cured by rest. This tired sensation also tends to last a long time and interfere with daily activities. However, this condition can be treated with exercise. Patients who undergo regular exercise are shown to have better physical and mental conditions.

Return to normal life

Returning to normal life may not be easy for some people who have liver cancer. You will have a number of questions about emotions, body image, fatigue or lifestyle problems. In this case, the role of family, friends and doctors will be very helpful.

Treatment of liver cancer can make you very tired, so the portion of activity and rest must be completely balanced. For some people who are 'workaholic', perhaps leaving responsibility in work becomes very difficult to accept. However, letting the body rest when exhausted is certainly better than pushing yourself too hard. Patients who have just recovered from cancer must always remember that one of the most effective methods of improving physical and emotional health is to rest.

Choose healthy food

This step may be difficult for most patients because generally their taste ability changes during treatment. Patients are prone to experience frustration because they lose their appetite and weight or even gain weight out of control. Therefore, try to start forming healthy eating habits. Choose foods that contain vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids, and vegetable chemicals. In addition, low-fat foods can also reduce the risk of recurrence or metastasis.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Avoiding tobacco and alcohol is a good decision for your health. Even though it looks very simple, this step has a huge impact on your body. Apart from preventing recurrence or metastasis, this action has other health benefits such as preventing lung cancer.

Some of the tips above will only work if you discipline them. If you feel exercise is not suitable for you, consult a doctor for other medical advice. In addition, ask for support from family and relatives who have healthy habits so that you can lead a better life after recovering from cancer.


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