Is it Really Stimulating the Clitoris to Trigger a Women's Orgasm?

Is it Really Stimulating the Clitoris to Trigger a Women's Orgasm?

Is it Really Stimulating the Clitoris to Trigger a Women's Orgasm?


Is it Really Stimulating the Clitoris to Trigger a Women's Orgasm?

Orgasm or climax is a complicated problem for women. Based on a study cited by the Medical Daily, there were only less than 25% of women who claimed they had orgasms during sex. There are very few sources that discuss how to achieve orgasm in women. Recent research reveals that there is a possibility that women who have difficulty orgasm are caused by a small clitoris and located far from the vagina. Then, does it really stimulate the clitoris to trigger a female orgasm?

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Can it really stimulate the clitoris to trigger a female orgasm?

Orgasm is the peak of passion, so couples who have sex want to get it. Characteristics of orgasm are the muscles of the leg contracting, the muscles in the uterus contract, and the uterus also contracting. When an orgasm occurs, the body will produce love hormones or oxytocin, and this hormone is good for the body. Another benefit that you can get from orgasm is your bond and your partner gets stronger.

The researchers found that women diagnosed with anorgasmia (inability to orgasm even after being stimulated) were caused by a large gap between the clitoris and the vaginal mouth. About a distance of five to six centimeters. According to Dr. Susan Oakley, co-author of the study and OBGYN at Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, quoted by the Medical Daily, has a large clitoris with more nerve endings. So often there must be contact and stimulation directly to the clitoris to get a sensation that triggers orgasm.

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However, the clitoris does not always play a role in achieving female orgasm, based on a questionnaire distributed to several women, other factors that affect orgasm are sex life, confidence in her body, and how much her sexual desire. But, researchers prefer to connect female orgasms with sex positions.

The missionary position apparently affects women with difficulty orgasm. Most women get orgasms when they are woman on top. This position allows the female clitoris to get more stimulation. Apart from the long distance between the clitoris and the vaginal mouth, it turns out that the small size of the clitoris can also make it difficult for women to achieve satisfaction.

This is where you need closer stimulation too. It seems that if you hear this statement, the clitoris is an important factor in the occurrence of orgasm. Even according to Oakley, mentioning there is no such thing as a G-spot, there is only a sensitive point of the clitoris.

Why does the clitoris affect a woman's orgasm?

Studying the parts of the clitoris is actually rather complicated. The clitoris is flat and extends under the skin. The part that we can see is called the gland. This section has thousands of nerves that gather together in a small area. That's the reason the clitoris is sensitive to sexual touch, because thousands of these nerves will signal the brain. The clitoris is also known as the center of sexual sensation.

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The study consisted of 30 people, then measured the distance between the mouth of the vagina and the clitoris. Ten of them have difficulty orgasm, because the distance between the vaginal mouth and the clitoris is too far away, as mentioned above. Close distance makes it easier for women to be aroused during intercourse. Even when the distance between the two (vaginal and clitoral mouth) is less than 2.5 cm, it tends to always get an orgasm only with sex involving intercourse.

Other studies also reveal that 81% of women who have a lower clitoral position experience orgasm during intercourse, in contrast to women who have a higher clitoris. However, this theory is not always right, the study found no causal relationship. To ensure the truth, more in-depth research is needed.

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Research shows that around 10% of women claim to never experience orgasm. When climax or does not occur, this may be caused by lack of sexual stimulation. You need to know that women can get orgasm by directly and indirectly stimulating the clitoris, and stimulating the vagina and the inside of the vagina.

Even though it's still pro and contra, orgasm can indeed be achieved by stimulating the clitoris either indirectly during intercourse, or your partner immediately stimulates your clitoris. In addition, to get real satisfaction, is supported by a strong emotional bond with your partner and not forgetting foreplay.

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