Is It Really How You Clean Your Baby's Ass?

Is It Really How You Clean Your Baby's Ass?

Is It Really How You Clean Your Baby's Ass?


Is It Really How You Clean Your Baby's Ass?

Baby diapers need to be replaced 7-8 times a day. The baby's butt is very smooth and soft so that it is easily irritated from lingering moisture wrapped in diapers, contact with urine and feces, or friction from the diaper layer. As a result, your baby needs special care every time you change his diaper. Check out the tips below to effectively clean your baby's diaper area.

First, prepare the required equipment

You will need a new diaper, a copy (can be a clean cloth, a rubber mat, or a plastic mat) to keep the table surface clean, safety pins (if you use cloth diapers, not disposables), towels dry, and sensitive wet wipes specifically for unscented babies and alcohol or a clean cloth that is slightly wetted.

Many parents only clean the baby's bottom with water for the first two weeks. Adding a little baby soap to water is another option, or you can use sensitive and fragrance-free baby wipes. Using this will help protect your baby's natural skin barrier.

Some mothers also provide moisturizing ointments or petroleum jelly to prevent or treat diaper rash.

Second, prepare your baby

Lay your baby on a copy table that has been coated with a clean mat, then peek into the diaper to review the situation. Open the diaper, and keep it out of reach of the little one (the baby is known to kick anything indiscriminately).

Third, start cleaning the baby's bottom

Raise his legs slightly on his ankles, and wipe sensitive wet wipes or damp wipes from top to bottom of the buttocks (from the cleanest area to the dirtiest) and from front to back.

For a baby girl, clean it from the vulva (the outer fold from the lips to the center) to the buttocks. For men, clean the area of ​​the penis, the scrotum, and the surrounding area, and then the buttocks.

Wiping from front to back helps prevent bacteria from moving from the buttocks into the baby's genitals and urethra, and causes urinary tract infections.

Wash your baby's bottom gently, don't forget to wipe every fold and wrinkle of the skin.

However, do not clean the inside of the genitals - such as opening the labia wide to wipe the inside of the vagina - because every human genitals have an automatic self-cleaning mechanism, and you should not interfere with the mechanism. Likewise, by pushing the skin of your baby's penis into the back to reach the folds inside. If you do this, the skin around the penis is at risk of being torn and can lead to infection. In addition, infection wounds that may arise will make it difficult for your child when he grows up.

Finally, tap the diaper area with a soft and clean towel, including in each skin fold, to prevent maceration. Rubbing too often or hard can damage the surface of sensitive and delicate baby skin. If possible, let it dry itself with air to prevent diaper rash from arising.

Fourth, use clean diapers

Replace the copy table mat with a new one, open the diaper clean, and lay your baby right in the middle, so that the adhesive diaper strap is parallel to the navel.

If you have a baby boy, make sure that the penis is positioned down before closing the diaper, to prevent leakage.

In the first few weeks, you may notice that your baby's vaginal area is swollen and red, or that he is removing transparent, white, or slightly bleeding vaginal fluid. This is normal and occurs because your baby may have been exposed to your hormones when he is still in the womb.

However, if your baby still secretes fluids after the first six weeks, don't forget to let your doctor know during your next baby exam.

Try to let your baby be diaper-free as often as you can, so don't always rush to put clean diapers again. Every time you clean the baby's bottom and change his diaper, apply a protective cream or cream containing zinc oxide as a prevention of diaper rash.

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