Am I Pregnant? Check the signs below!

Am I Pregnant? Check the signs below!

Am I Pregnant? Check the signs below!


Every couple should understand what are the signs of pregnancy. The reason is, even though you are not waiting or trying for offspring, you and your partner may still be pregnant. In addition to carrying out a pregnancy test or seeing a gynecologist, there are several characteristics of pregnancy that are often experienced by most women. Check out the following signs of pregnancy that appear most often to find out more.

Not all women experience the same signs of pregnancy

The body of each person is different. So, you may experience early pregnancy symptoms that are different from your mother or sister. Even the symptoms of your first and second pregnancy can be different. For this reason, it is important for you and your partner to take a pregnancy test or make sure to go to the obstetrician.

Signs of pregnancy that appear most often

Although the pregnancy signs that are experienced by every woman vary, there are generally changes that you can observe to find out if you are pregnant. Here are a variety of changes that occur most often at the beginning of your pregnancy.

1. Late menstruation

There is no medical certainty how many days a person is late for menstruation to be declared pregnant. However, if you have not had your period after going through a 35 day cycle or have been late for 1-2 weeks, you should immediately take a pregnancy test.

2. Breast enlarges and feels painful

When wearing a bra the breast feels more sensitive, painful, or tight. In addition, the breasts may also feel heavier and veins appear in the area around the nipple.

3. Blood spots

Don't compare the blood spots of pregnancy with menstrual blood. Blood spots as signs of pregnancy are called implantation bleeding. This bleeding is usually very little and occurs faster than the date of your usual menstruation. The color of his blood is different from menstrual blood, which is more yellowish or brownish.

4. Abdominal cramps

Your stomach may feel painful like menstrual cramps, but the pain is lighter and only lasts a few times. Abdominal cramps may be accompanied by low back pain and headaches.

5. Fatigue and weakness

Because of hormonal changes, you may get tired faster. In fact, your busy life is the same as usual. If you feel tired and weak for several days, you may become pregnant.

6. Nauseous

One of the most common signs of pregnancy is morning sickness. However, usually new nausea arises after you enter the sixth week of pregnancy.

7. Frequent urination

Going back and forth to the bathroom can indicate pregnancy. This sign is usually also experienced when you enter the sixth or eighth week after conception.

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