7 Ways to Reduce Sweat Production on Facial Skin

7 Ways to Reduce Sweat Production on Facial Skin

7 Ways to Reduce Sweat Production on Facial Skin


7 Ways to Reduce Sweat Production on Facial Skin

The body sweats when it's hot, after exercise, or because you are eating spicy, of course it's natural. However, what if you are very easy to sweat, especially in the face and head area? This is certainly very disturbing. Because the sweat on the face and head is difficult to hide. You also can't carelessly use deodorants to reduce sweat production.

So, what causes the appearance of sweat on the face and how to overcome it effectively? Come on, see the full information below

Why does the face and head easily sweat?

Are you easier to sweat on the face, neck or head than in other parts of the body such as the armpits or palms? If so, you may have a special condition, craniofacial hyperhidrosis. This condition is part of the problem of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis.

However, for people with craniofacial hyperhidrosis, the most problematic and active sweat glands produce sweat located in the area of ​​the face and head. As a result, sweat can easily flow from the head. You may also sweat frequently in the nose, upper lip, and in the forehead area.

The causes of this condition can vary. Starting from nerve disorders, hormonal disorders, to complications of chronic diseases. However, this condition can also attack healthy people.

Only doctors and health professionals can find out exactly what causes your hyperhidrosis. Therefore, you should consult directly with experts.

How to deal with sweat on the face

The problem of sweat on the face can indeed make you not confident and uncomfortable. Therefore, consider various ways to deal with excessive sweating in the following areas of the face and head.

1. Pay attention to eating patterns

Spicy foods, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, and overheated dishes can trigger excessive sweating on your face. So, as much as possible avoid these foods and drinks. Especially if the weather is hot.

2. Wash face or shower with cold water

If your face and head suddenly sweat, immediately wash your face with cold water. Cold water can help reduce the temperature of the face and head so that the sweat glands do not produce excessive sweating. After that, dry it thoroughly.

3. Avoid direct sunlight and a room that is too humid

Exposure to direct sunlight can make you sweat more. So if you are outdoors, you can use an umbrella or hat that is wide enough to keep your head and face cool. Don't forget to wear clothes that can absorb sweat and cool on the body, such as cotton shirts.

The temperature of a hot and humid room can also trigger the production of sweat on the face and head. So make sure your house, room, or workplace is cold and dry enough.

4 Use a prescription cream

You really can't use deodorants (antiperspirants) on the face. However, your doctor may prescribe a face cream with a special content that can be an antiperspirant for the face.

Try using a little first to see the reaction on your facial skin. If allergies or irritations appear, do not continue and tell your doctor.

5. Botox injection

Your doctor may also recommend injecting botulinum-toxin A (botox). This injection is usually used to treat excessive sweating of the armpit. However, botox can also be given to deal with sweat on the face and head.

6. Operation

In certain cases, you may have to undergo surgery. Surgery is intended to remove sweat glands that are on the face, head or neck. However, this action will not be recommended by a doctor unless there is no medication that works for you.

7. Managing stress and anxiety

Negative emotions can trigger excessive sweating. Therefore, you need to learn to manage emotions, anxiety, fear, and nervousness well. For example, by taking a deep breath, drawing, or writing.

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