6 Reasons to Sex More Enjoyable with Lighted Lights

6 Reasons to Sex More Enjoyable with Lighted Lights

6 Reasons to Sex More Enjoyable with Lighted Lights


Making love doesn't have to be done with the action of two people closing their eyes, or in a dark setting. Basically, sex is an activity in which two people are emotionally connected physically. So what needs to be emphasized is how your physical and partner can be explored clearly with each other. It is indeed impressed by the romantic ambience of the serene style of love films that you normally witness. But have you ever tried sex with the lights on?

According to a new study, exposure to bright lights will increase male testosterone, which also results in more satisfaction. This condition can reach 3 times more than those who have sex with the lights turned off. In the study, researchers from the University of Siena in Italy recruited 38 men with low libido criteria. His research was done in a way, the men in the test sat in a brightly lit room for half an hour, every day for two weeks. Well, at the end of the study, men who were exposed to light exposure for two weeks actually produced higher levels of testosterone.

How is it? Are you interested in turning on the lights when having sex? There are several other reasons that can convince you to have sex with the lights on. Check out some of the explanations below.

1. Add intimacy

When the lights are turned off you can see the whole body shape of the couple. You also don't need to touch the body part of the partner you want to explore. Your partner's gaze can also be a pleasure info that you provide, so you know what your partner wants through gaze and expression while making love, which you certainly can't get with minimal lighting.

2. It will be easier to reach orgasm

Men are visual creatures, meaning they will be quickly aroused if there are clear objects that can make their orgasms quickly resolved. In the curve of the waist, breasts, lips, and even the vagina that is clearly visible because the lights are on, you are guaranteed to arrive at the peak of pleasure with your partner.

3. You don't need to worry about your partner fantasizing with other people

If you are worried about your partner's imagination during sex in the dark, with a brightly lit room that can be minimized. Because, when you have sex in bright light, your partner will not want to see your figure clearly. All your movements, beats, even your only facial expressions will be faced by your partner. So that there is only you in his fantasy.

4. You can be more confident

Especially for women, it is time to show who you are when having sex with bright conditions. The point is, you don't need to cover cellulite, scars, or pimples on your face. This situation can arouse your confidence in an instant. Men when in bed generally do not care about "painting" in your body, because those who care only about how to satisfy you.

5. No fear of misplacement

With the lights on, you don't need to be afraid of misplacing or mistaking your partner's body parts. Even difficult positions will be made easier because you can penetrate precisely and quickly. You can also move freely in any direction on the body of the partner you want to explore, so that your sex feels more pleasant.

6. Add adrenaline and avoid injury

The lights that are on in your room will make a romantic silhouette of your body united with your partner. Have you ever imagined if a neighbor or person in the next room witnessed it? Stretching isn't it? That way your adrenaline will be spurred on by the sensation of bright lights. You can also avoid injury to one another with the aim of improving the mood of making love to your partner.


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