5 Signs You and Your Partner Have a Happy Asmara Relationship

5 Signs You and Your Partner Have a Happy Asmara Relationship

5 Signs You and Your Partner Have a Happy Asmara Relationship


5 Signs You and Your Partner Have a Happy Asmara Relationship

Many say that a happy love affair is marked by a lot of cute treasures and children. Of course this does not apply to everyone. Happiness does not have definite benchmarks. Only you alone know what can make you happy, and you alone can feel the happiness you feel when you are with your partner.

However, there are certain characteristics that can be a sign that you and your partner are having a happy and harmonious relationship. What are they?

Signs you and your partner have a happy relationship

1. Do not like umbar intimacy on social media

Many people think that by uploading a selfie with a partner or recording the date of your date both to social media is a sign that you are happy with your partner. At first glance it seems like that. But this is not absolute.

Shows how happy you are with your partner not to always show off intimacy in social media. Indeed, a study found that couples who are truly happy with each other will not indulge in their intimate moments on social media.

It's natural to occasionally want to share your happiness with others. However, couples who are truly happy, will respect each other and will not sacrifice their time for frequent updates on social media. They will even want to spend more time with you. This can also indicate that you and your partner are not "thirsty" from people for the relationship you are living in.

Excessive use of social media is even related to the development of depressive and antisocial symptoms.

2. You often confide and discuss with your partner

Happiness in having a relationship can be characterized by strong trust between you and your partner.

This trust makes you and your partner no longer shy about telling anything. From the most embarrassing things in your life, the saddest events, the opinions of each about the latest news on tv, vent certain issues, to discuss about the meaning of life and the principles that you both live.

Trust also makes you not bother to hide things your partner doesn't want to know. Covering the important secrets of your partner is a sign that your relationship is not healthy.

3. Can still be yourself

Couples who are happy will say and treat each other as the only people they want to spend the rest of life together. Maybe the sentence sounds cliche. However, this is not just sweet talk on the tongue.

You and he both know that you both cannot be happy if you live with other people. Neither of you can imagine yourself without them. But at the same time, you can still be yourself when you are with him without having to take care of the image. You don't need to pretend to be a fun person for your partner. You can also comfortably vent your emotions without feeling tried and cornered.

4. You often spend time with your partner

How often and intensely you both spend time together can be a sign of happiness in a relationship. No need to be fancy and spend a lot of energy, enough to spend time together to strengthen inner bonds such as coffee in a cafe near home, watching TV, cooking or gardening together, to exercise with a partner on weekends.

However, spending time with your partner does not necessarily hijack each other's time to work on a hobby or take a break.

You both understand perfectly well that despite this romance commitment, you and your partner are not a pair of conjoined twins who must do anything together. You have your own friends and family, and so do you. You also respect the time for your own activities without having to be jealous intermittently, as well as the him. Himself trusts you with all your heart. So do you.

5. You and your partner encourage each other to grow better

A happy love affair can make both parties grow and develop into a better person. Being able to consult together with a cold head to solve a problem so that it doesn't explode later on is also a sign of a happy love affair. All kinds of conflicts and the sourness of the relationship that you both go through can be used as a lesson not to repeat it in the future.

Besides all that, you and your partner also continue to support each other to achieve their respective life goals that have been aspired to. Do not forget all the dreams that you both want.

In the end, communication, attention, sincerity, support, and empathy are some of the main foundations for building a happy and harmonious relationship.

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