5 Characteristics of Dangerous Muscle Seizures that Must Be Aware of

5 Characteristics of Dangerous Muscle Seizures that Must Be Aware of

5 Characteristics of Dangerous Muscle Seizures that Must Be Aware of


5 Characteristics of Dangerous Muscle Seizures that Must Be Aware of

Muscle cramps usually occur when you just wake up and feel one part of your body feel cramped and cannot be moved, generally on your toes or calf muscles. In fact, the American Academy of Family Physics found that 60 percent of adults suffer from muscle spasms at night, which can also have an impact on insomnia.

Even though muscle spasms don't usually cause serious effects, you need to be vigilant if you experience muscle cramps with signs like this.

Characteristics of muscle spasms that must be examined immediately

1. Spasm of the leg muscles at the same sports distance

For runner athletes, or even those who like to run long distances, you are usually no stranger to a rigid calf muscle. However, if you always feel cramps while on the same running distance, you may experience compartment syndrome.

Houman Danesh, MD, director at Mount Sinai's Integrative Pain Management said, this condition is usually caused by a dilated part of the leg muscles. Well, for some runners or people who have had injuries to muscles, muscles can be wider to fill the space in your legs.

Because, when you run under normal conditions, the muscles need enough space and blood flow to expand. Whereas in some people's bodies, sometimes the muscles don't have enough space to develop themselves. Thus, the amount of excessive pressure formed in certain muscle areas, in this case calves, can prevent blood flow and cause severe tissue damage.

Although this syndrome is rare, this is not something you can underestimate. If you often experience muscle spasms at a distance or running time that is always the same, it is better to consult a doctor.

2. Muscle spasms accompanied by swelling, redness, and discoloration

Next, there is a sign of muscle spasms accompanied by redness. In addition to redness, the muscles that twitch when accompanied by swelling and discoloration of the skin can indicate blood clots in your body.

Although clots are not too dangerous, however, time can break and cause conditions such as a heart attack or stroke. Dr. Danesh also warned that blood clots tend to increase when women take birth control pills or you are traveling by airplane and sit for a long time.

3. Muscle spasms that last for a long time

Cramps or tightening muscles that last for a while are very uncomfortable, especially when felt for a long time. If you experience muscle spasms for a long time to affect your daily activities, don't ignore them.

Dr. Danesh said, that cramping in a long time can be a sign of something bad in your body. For example, such as inadequate blood supply to your body, which is usually caused by high cholesterol. It can also be caused by a pinched nerve in the back or a pinched artery, which can be marked by cramps or spasms in the leg muscles.

4. Nausea, fever, and accompanied by vomiting appear

Muscle spasms accompanied by nausea, fever, and ending vomiting can indicate something wrong in the body. This condition is usually caused by dehydration.

5. Accompanied by heat and tingling

Finally, if you experience muscle spasms accompanied by a feeling of heat and tingling, this is one of the symptoms of a disk hernia. Disc hernia is a condition in which there is a disc tucked along the spinal cord, a condition that occurs when all or part of the center of a soft spinal disc is pressed along a weak section or disk.

This condition can also occur with the appearance of burning sensation in the lower part of the body, especially the legs. One of the main treatments can be done by applying a warm cream to relax the muscles. If it often lasts long and occurs continuously, it's good to contact a doctor for further treatment.

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