3 Facts About Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

3 Facts About Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

3 Facts About Hypnosis to Quit Smoking


"Hypnotherapy has the highest success rate among other forms of smoking cessation" - New Scientist - 1992

Here are some facts that you need to know about hypnosis methods to stop smoking.

1. Don't expect to feel hypnotized

Many people who visit hypnotherapists think that they will feel unconscious. In fact, trance will not feel the difference with relaxation. Trance is a normal and natural condition, and you will feel familiar. Don't think of experiencing unconscious hypnosis. Trance is not about feeling unconscious; trance is a natural condition.

2. You will feel relaxed

Hypnosis is a natural condition where you will feel an increase in relaxation. Another misconception about hypnosis is that some people think that they will fall asleep. Hypnosis is different from sleep. You will be totally conscious, hear what is said, and can stop at any time because you are in control in the session.

Some people think they are hypnotized or just relax. If these thoughts arise, open your mind, follow the therapist's suggestion, and when the session is over you can talk about it consciously. All you need to do during the session is to follow and accept suggestions.

A common example of hypnotic conditions is driving. Have you ever driven and blanked suddenly you came to your senses? You know that you are aware and driving safely, but you don't realize it? Such is the condition of hypnosis.

Another example is watching TV. Have you ever watched a television program too seriously until you didn't hear the person talking to you? This is also similar to the hypnotic condition.

The difference between show hypnosis and therapeutic hypnosis

You may have seen hypnosis shows and thought that hypnotized people were made to do things they did not want to do. In fact, you can't make people do things they don't want to do. Then, what really happened to the hypnotic show?

Why do people want to watch hypnotic shows? Because they want to laugh at other people who do stupid things. Hypnotists will call on volunteers to get on stage. People who want to appear and be seen.

Then, the hypnotist will do a series of tests to select the person you want to work with. Hypnosis is not looking for people who can be hypnotized, because anyone with an average IQ can be hypnotized. The hypnotist looks for people who will do what they are told and who are willing to do silly things

The show can begin after the hypnotist gathers the volunteers on the stage. Hypnotists don't make them do things they don't want. Hypnosis only gives the freedom to do what they want.

This is the same as hypnosis to stop smoking. Hypnosis will not stop you from smoking your will. If you want to quit smoking, hypnosis only helps you do what you want to do. Hypnosis is a very powerful way to make you do what you want, which is to stop smoking.

Hypnosis is not counseling, hypnosis is a change tool approved by medical associations for more than 50 years.

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