4 Main Causes of Women's Sexual Desire Decreases

4 Main Causes of Women's Sexual Desire Decreases


4 Main Causes of Women's Sexual Desire Decreases

The lack of sex drive in some women does not mean that they do not have libido. Everyone, both men and women, must have sexual appetite, but sometimes that passion decreases. When a woman's libido is low, she is usually not interested in having sex with her partner.

An unexpected decrease in libido, especially when it lasts for a long time or continues to recur, can indicate personal problems, health problems, lifestyle or problems in relationships.

Signs of decreasing sexual appetite or female libido

How do we know the symptoms of decreased libido? Below are 3 symptoms that indicate a woman's low libido:

  1. Not interested in sexual intercourse, including masturbation.
  2. Don't have sexual desire or fantasy or rarely feel any sexual desire or fantasy.
  3. Feel disturbed by a lack of sexual desire or fantasy that is felt.

If you experience one of the three signs, there is a possibility that you experience a decrease in libido. Then, what can cause sex drive to decrease?

The cause of a woman's libido decreases

The cause of the decline in female libido consists of 4 factors, namely physical causes, hormonal changes, psychological causes, and problems in relationships.

1. Physical causes

Various diseases, physical changes, and medications can cause a decrease in sexual desire, including:

  • Sexual problems. If you experience pain when having sex or difficulty in orgasm, it will block your sexual desire.
  • Medical illness. Many non-sexual diseases can affect the desire to have sex, such as arthritis (arthritis), cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and neurological diseases.
  • Medicines. Many prescription drugs, including some antidepressant and anti-seizure drugs that are known as libido killers.
  • Contraception. Often certain birth control devices make a woman's libido decrease. Many women feel a decrease in sexual appetite when using contraception. Affecting contraceptives are progestogen pills, combined pills, vaginal rings, Depo-Provera injections, and implanted contraception.
  • Lifestyle. Too much alcohol can damage your sex drive, just like drugs and cigarettes, because cigarettes can reduce blood flow and can reduce libido.
  • Surgery. All operations, especially those related to the chest and genitals, can result in sexual function and the desire to have sex.
  • Fatigue. Tired due to parenting or daily work can affect low libido. Tiredness caused by illness or post-surgery can also result in reduced sexual desire.

2. Hormonal changes

Changing hormone levels can affect a woman's libido, such as:

  • Menopause. Estrogen levels decrease during the transition to menopause. This can cause a decrease in interest in sex and make the vagina dry, so sex will feel painful and uncomfortable. Although many menopausal women still enjoy satisfying sex, some also have lost their libido.
  • Period of pregnancy and lactation. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding are not the only female libido reducer. Fatigue, changes in body shape, and stress /stress during pregnancy and after childbirth can affect changes in your sexual arousal.

3. Psychological cause

There are many psychological causes that can reduce a woman's libido, including:

  • Mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression
  • Stress, like stress due to financial problems or work problems
  • Low level of confidence
  • Have a negative sexual experience such as physical violence or sexual violence

4. Problems in relationships

For most women, emotional closeness with a partner is an important start before sexual intercourse. So, problems in relationships can also be a major factor in low sex drive. Decreasing sexual desire is often the result of issues in the ongoing relationship, such as:

  • Lack of relationship with your partner
  • There are unresolved problems
  • Poor communication with sexual needs and preferences
  • Infidelity

If you have high concerns about your libido, especially when sex drive continues to decrease even if you don't have the cause described above, you should contact a doctor.

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