Is it possible to get pregnant because of hereditary factors?

Is it possible to get pregnant because of hereditary factors?


If you are trying to get pregnant, you not only need physical preparation. One factor to consider is your family's and husband's medical history. Although not all fertility problems are caused by genetic factors or family history, it is difficult to get pregnant because heredity might occur. It is important for you to know some things about family health history.

Know your family's health history and partner

Before getting pregnant try to talk to your mother or even grandma about their pregnancy. Try to find out how easy or difficult they are to get pregnant. If it's difficult it might be the case for you too. Not only the chance of pregnancy, you also need to ask about problems during pregnancy.

Hereditary factors also influence the possibility of complications such as preeclampsia and diabetes. Even though this is frightening, you need to know it from the start so you can see the risk of pregnancy being faced. This condition also helps you to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Find out if there are chromosomal abnormalities or gene abnormalities in your family and husband's medical history.

If you already know the cause of your pregnancy difficulties due to heredity, you should immediately contact your doctor without having to wait long. Chromosome abnormalities or genes also need to be consulted because this condition has the potential to cause children with disabilities. You can get ways to prevent the risk of health problems. Not only being pregnant quickly, you also have a healthier pregnancy.

Diseases that cause difficulty getting pregnant because of heredity

According to Dr. Janelle Luk, from Neway Fertility in Manhattan, USA, one of the factors causing infertility is family history. If your parents find it hard to get offspring, then don't be surprised if you experience it now. Male infertility factors, for example, can be passed from grandfather to father and then to child. Women who experience premature menopause also experience the same thing.

Disruption of a single Y-linked gene is a condition in which men only reduce their disease or abnormalities to their sons. Whereas girls do not get sick and also do not carry the nature of the disease. Based on research, the types of diseases that fall into this category are infertility or infertility.

Actually, many men suffer from this disease. However, it is difficult to find if no sperm cells are examined. In this case the number of sperm cells is very lacking, or lazy to move to merge with the egg cell, making it difficult for fertilization to occur. Five to 10 percent of azoospermia cases (lack of sperm cells) are caused by damage to the Y chromosome.

Most infertile men can finally have offspring through IVF technology. Although successful, the child resulting from the IVF will certainly reduce the same thing as his father, because damage occurs on the Y chromosome.

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