Eat Spicy Before Sport, Useful Or Even Danger?

Eat Spicy Before Sport, Useful Or Even Danger?


Some say eating spicy before exercise can help burn more fat and also build muscle faster. Because, spicy food is believed to accelerate the metabolic process. However, what do experts say about this? Is it true that eating spicy before exercise is good for losing weight and forming muscles? Or maybe it's just a myth? Just get the full review below!

Is spicy food really speeding up metabolism?

Researchers have long studied the effects of spicy foods on the body's metabolism. Metabolism itself is the process of processing food sources into energy. Summarized from various studies, spicy food can indeed have an effect that is the metabolic process becomes faster up to eight percent.

This is because spicy food from chili or paprika contains a substance called capsaicin. Capsaicin is a natural ingredient that has an effect on increasing body temperature. Then the body will burn calories faster.

With a faster metabolism, the body can produce more energy to build muscle. However, to get this benefit you have to eat chili in a very large portion. So, even though spicy eating can speed up metabolism, the effect will not be too pronounced for your body.

Can you eat spicy before exercise?

Even though chili has good benefits for your metabolism, you should avoid eating spicy before exercise. This is because the benefits you get may not be proportional to the risks that might arise due to spicy eating before exercise. Here's the full explanation.

1. Dehydration

As explained above, the capsaicin content in spicy foods can have an effect on increasing body temperature. This is why after eating spicy, you definitely feel hot and hot. If after eating spicy you immediately exercise, your body temperature can immediately rise.

To reduce body temperature, your body will produce sweat. Without just eating spicy, you must have sweated a lot during sports. So, eating spicy before exercise risks making you lose a lot of fluid through sweat. This can lead to dehydration. Severe dehydration can make you lose consciousness (fainting).

2. Gastric acid reflux

Eating spicy really can't cause stomach acid reflux (ulcer). However, if you have this disease, eating spicy before exercise can trigger stomach acid up into the esophagus to cause chest tightness and pain. Instead of building muscle and losing weight, you can't even exercise because of recurrent stomach acid reflux.

3. Diarrhea

The capsaicin content in chili is not easily digested by the body. Therefore, this content can be trapped in the intestine and cause irritation. The food you consumed earlier will quickly come out again before it is completely digested by the intestine. This is called diarrhea.

Diarrhea will certainly greatly interfere with your exercise activities. So, you should avoid eating spicy before exercise. If you really want to eat spicy, make sure you give a break of at least four hours before starting to exercise.

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